A description of the conversion of magdalene as a profound piece of art

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Caravaggio Style and Technique

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The Conversion of Mary Magdalene

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The Calling of Saint Matthew

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Paul the Apostle

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Anonymous said This is such a beautiful story of conversion. At a time in history when society seems to damn anyone who has fallen to"hell', this inspiring story shows us why Our Lord taught us not to condemn and to always forgive.

If you feel content, you're satisfied and happy. The content of a book, movie, or song is what it's about: the topic.

The Conversion of Mary Magdalene is an oil painting, an early work by the Italian Renaissance artist based in Venice, Paolo Veronese (–). He was known for his sumptuous paintings with a dramatic and colourful style.

Dating from circa –, the painting was commissioned by a noble. Composition: The Calling of Saint Matthew can be divided into two parts. The figures on the right form a vertical rectangle while those on the left create a horizontal block.

The two sides are further distinguished by their clothing and symbolically, by Christ's hand. Dec 13,  · The Conversion of Magdalene is a profound piece of art calico by a man named Bernardino Luini () of Italy.

Having been delineated with oil winder onto canvas, the painting was able to appear three-dimensional and achieve a more realistic liveliness.

A description of the conversion of magdalene as a profound piece of art
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